This comedian just wished something on Marco Rubio that we can barely even print

On Tuesday morning, comedian Jim Norton expressed to his followers just how much he dislikes Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).

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Norton, who has a history of varied political views, made his opinion about Rubio clear by expressing his hope for Rubio to be raped.

Rubio has gone on record saying that he would want to ban abortions, even in cases of rape or incest.

“I personally and deeply believe that all human life is worthy of the protection of our laws,” Rubio said on Sunday.

“I believe that irrespective of the conditions in which that life was conceived or anything else.”

According to PolitiFact, claims that Rubio supports banning abortions in cases of rape and incest cannot be completely validated, though he has been unclear on the specific topic.

In Norton’s opinion, Rubio should have harm inflicted on him, so that he can live the experience of women who have been the victims of rape.

“I hope someone forcibly cums in your ass and then some religious zealot won’t let you wipe it out for 9 months,” Norton wrote.

Norton’s Tuesday morning attack on Rubio is hardly the first time the comedian has made headlines for brash statements.

In 2014, he went on an f-bomb filled monologue about President Barack Obama on the Sirius XM radio show he co-hosted with Opie Hughes and Anthony Cumia. Cumia has since been fired from the program and Norton and Opie have taken over full time.

“I know in this country we can’t just fucking kill militants, although you’d love to, but…does this pussy Obama really annoy me — not saying ‘Islamic terrorism,’ talking about Obamacare,” Norton said.

“Shut the fuck up and will you finally act like someone to be afraid of?”

Last week, Norton poked additional fun at Rubio, though in terms that were far less graphic.

Since Norton’s tweet went out, dozens of fans have chimed in; some disgusted by his comments, while others cheer him on.

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