When this woman got a call saying she owed the IRS money she decided to put a stop to it

Have you ever gotten scared by scam calls from an organization pretending to be the Internal Revenue Service? Rachel Fitzsimmons has, and she decided to put a stop to it after discovering that someone was trying to trick her.

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After receiving a voicemail saying she owed the IRS money, Fitzsimmons called the number back and pretended that she was ready to pay the heavy fine she was told she was owed.

The scammers on the other end of the line transferred her to a supervisor to make the transaction. That’s when Fitzsimmons gave up her ruse, and called the company out for their lies.

“I actually work for the IRS,” Fitzsimmons told the man, who identified himself as Officer David Miller. “And this kind of thing doesn’t happen so I guess I’m just confused.”

(Fitzsimmons doesn’t actually work for the IRS.)

“Do you realize that you are taking money from innocent people?” Fitzsimmons asked “Officer Miller,” who then promptly hung up the phone.

Before saying she would turn over the video to the proper authorities, Fitzsimmons gave one final message to any scammers who might be watching.

“I’ll be damned if anybody takes my hard earned money,” she added.

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