Airline Passenger Punches Back of Woman’s Seat Repeatedly Because She Reclined It

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A woman on an American Eagle flight from New Orleans, Louisiana to Charlotte, North Carolina experienced some extremely localized turbulence when, after she reclined her chair, the man sitting behind her started punching the back of her seat.

Wendi Williams was on her January 31st flight, operated by Republic Airways, when she decided she deserved to treat herself by reclining her airplane seat the full inch and a half back that it goes. It turns out that this was an inch too far for the man behind her.

According to Williams, the man punched the back of her seat at least nine times before she started filming. From there a flight attendant intervened and, somehow, sided with the man punching the back of her chair. The flight attendant gave the man some complimentary rum (nothing discourages punching like alcohol) and did little if anything to help Williams. In fact, the flight attendant eventually served Williams a Passenger Disturbance Notice.

The video has gone viral since Williams posted it and the internet is split about who is at fault here. Is it Williams for deciding to recline her chair while flying coach? Or the man for punching the back of Williams’ chair over and over again?

A few things:

1. It’s the guy. The guy is wrong. Completely wrong. He’s punching the back of her chair. There’s no chair punching allowed on flights. Chair reclining, however, is allowed.

2. Yes, Williams does kind of suck a little for reclining her chair but not anywhere near to the point of what she ended up having to deal with. What she did is something you should expect to have to deal with on a flight in coach. What sort of hopelessly naive optimist walks to the back of the plane and finds their seat without expecting to suffer some sort of indignity. You might as well be riding a flying bus. Suck it up.

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