City officials have an innovative (read: strange) way of exterminating rats at this city corner

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City officials are over trying to exterminate those pesky rats – so they decided to just pour concrete over them at Clark Street and Belden Avenue.

In her most recent newsletter, Ald. Michele Smith (43rd) announced that the parkway in front of the 7-Eleven at the southwest corner of the intersection would be covered in concrete and converted to a sidewalk because it had become “a nest for rodents”

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“This particular infestation has been around for a while,” Smith said Wednesday. “We tried everything that we could think of, and the only thing left was to just eliminate that, make that into just sidewalk.

“After you’ve tried everything, that’s the best way to safeguard the public,” she added.

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Smith noted in her newsletter that she sponsored a new city ordinance two years ago that called on developers to include rat abatement as part of any construction so that rats wouldn’t scatter to surrounding areas as buildings were raised. She said on a smaller scale, city crews would do the same.

“We try to poison them beforehand,” she said. “That area’s been baited more times than I can count.”

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