Texas Art Asylum will feature “Stranger Things” art show

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For artists and fans with a love of the 1980s, frozen waffles, or the Upside Down, the Texas Art Asylum is calling for pieces that are right up your alley. The gallery has announced plans to host an art show that pays tribute to the Netflix series “Stranger Things,” the surprise hit from last year that featured offbeat characters in a rural Indiana town.

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The show features Academy Award-nominated actress Winona Ryder as a the mother of a young boy who goes missing in a rural Indiana town in 1983. The child’s disappearance ties into a series of supernatural events that occur around the town. The missing boy’s young friends also launch their own investigation into their friend’s disappearance and discover a strange new dimension known as “The Upside Down.”

The children also befriend a strange girl who goes by “Eleven.” They learn that Eleven can move objects with her mind, but that using her abilities gives her nosebleeds. The character became one of the most popular members of the cast, known as much for her love of uncooked frozen waffles as for her telekinetic abilities.

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The gallery is reviewing works in nearly every type of medium, as long as it ties into the themes of the show. Artists can submit works until November 6. The show will run on November 18 and 19 at the Texas Art Asylum gallery. Artists are required to email their submissions to ramona@texasartasylum.com.

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