People aren’t feeling Amazon’s new delivery service, which will let people enter your home Wikimedia commons; YouTube/amazon
Wikimedia commons; YouTube/amazon

Amazon’s new home delivery service is being met with a great deal of skepticism.

The company announced Amazon Key, a special lock that would allow deliveries inside of a customer’s home, in a Wednesday press release. Amazon Prime members can purchase an Amazon Key In-Home Kit, which starts at $249.99, which includes an Amazon Cloud Cam and a smart lock compatible with the new service.

Amazon Key not only offers in-home deliveries, but also in-home services, such as cleaning and pet-sitting. Customers can use the Amazon Cloud Cam to watch the entries into their home.

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And while the service sounds cool enough to some, others were quick to share their hangups.

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Others are wondering how far the company is going to take its innovation.

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