A chase in Michigan escalated quickly when a 21-year-old allegedly stole an ambulance and took off, leading police on a pursuit that included a bit of off-road racing, Yahoo News reports.

MedStar workers in Mount Clemens, Mich., were dropping off a patient at a local hospital over the weekend when the suspect reportedly jumped in the vehicle and took off. Police quickly caught up with him, and at one point, the driver was run off the road. After a short chase, officers managed to apprehend the suspect and took him into custody, ClickonDetroit reports.

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The high-speed chase occurred at around 6:30 p.m., and the alleged thief was arrested “without incident.” The ambulance was operated by MedStar, which is based in Clinton Township, Mich., and operates throughout the state. According to their website, the company is one of the largest in the state and employs over 250 people.

The suspect was charged with unlawful driving away of an automobile, with bond set at $75,000. He is expected to be arraigned on Tuesday, ABC reports.

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