A Snapchat video has surfaced that appears to show an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) handing liquor to a person mid-transport and encouraging her to drink airplane bottles from a bag in her possession.

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“Come on, a little more, little more,” says the man in the video reported by the New York Post.

The first of several videos is captioned “Intox Sundays.” The woman, who has not been identified, is plainly strapped to a gurney and in transport. That’s based on the caption to a subsequent video, which reads, “Told her she has from now till we get to the hospital to finish all that liquor, or I will throw it out.”

The New York Post says it has confirmed with multiple FDNY EMTs that the ambulance pictured is an FDNY ambulance, using the location of visible equipment inside the vehicle.

One of them told the site that the video was “absolutely appalling? and that the EMT who recorded the video “should be prosecuted for violating a patient?s rights and their dignity.”

Patrick is a content editor for Rare.
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