A group of New York actors found inspiration in President Trump’s administration for their rendition of “Julius Caesar,” which was unveiled at the annual Shakespeare in the Park event. The Public Theater upped the ante this year by dressing Caesar to look like President Trump, a detail that made the infamous stabbing of Caesar scene in the play that much more disturbing for some members of the audience.

A blogger named Laura Loomer challenged the interpretation by taking a video of herself rushing the stage in protest. Her actions were then repeated by 26-year-old Javanni Valle and 26-year-old Salvatore Cipolla on Sunday evening, reports New York Post.

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Valle, a Brooklyn resident, and Cipolla, an Oceanside resident, were both arrested after rushing the stage at different points of the play, including the stabbing scene.

“During the show a guy jumped on stage, had on fake camera glasses, calling everyone Goebbels and Nazis, and he was tackled and [taken] out,” 52-year-old viewer Damion recalled in an interview with NY Post. Identifying one of the protesters, Damion said, “They grabbed him right away. He was saying, ‘I’m tired of this bullshit,’ as they were taking him away.”

He called the chaotic incident “unsettling.” “The extras were scattered all around, and the scenes where they’re jumping up, you’re not really sure if they’re actors or protesters. It added an element of adrenaline,” he added.

Each of the pair has been charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct.

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