Watch a “The Price Is Right” contestant lose his damn mind when he hits the Plinko jackpot three times YouTube/David Eckler
YouTube/David Eckler

A bespectacled contestant on “The Price Is Right” named Ryan had some issues containing his excitement.

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A video that’s been shared far and wide for the past couple of days shows Ryan constantly losing his damn mind over anything and everything that happened to him while on the game show.

Ryan proudly screams $1 while on Contestants’ Row before taking a victory lap through the audience and shaking host Drew Carey’s hand on the big stage.

YouTube/David Eckler

If we tried counting the number of times he screamed “Oh my God” we’d be here for a while.

It’s written all over his face.

YouTube/David Eckler

Ryan turned out to be a Plinko warrior and got himself quite the haul.

YouTube/David Eckler

He landed his chip in the $10,000 slot not once, not twice, but three times, racking up a grand total of $31,500.

It was a new record for the Plinko event.

YouTube/David Eckler

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He didn’t squander any opportunities to hug Rachel, either.

YouTube/David Eckler

Ryan had himself a day.

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