A Michigan father is under investigation after police say that he opened fire on his own son on a busy interstate. Now, the father is behind bars and the 21-year-old son is in the hospital. Both men are unnamed at this time as charges are still pending.

Michigan State Police shut down a portion of I-96 in Detroit where the shooting took place. The authorities say that the confrontation began as a verbal argument at an intersection. They were in separate cars and arguing with each other via text message. At some point, the victim drove away but his father caught up with him, CBS Detroit reports. Both the father and son fired shots and police say that it’s unclear who shot first.

The father’s gunfire hit the son in the ribs but he managed to drive to a nearby hospital where he was arrested but remained for treatment. Police believe that the argument between the pair has a long and nasty history and that the gunfight was only the latest development.

The father turned himself into police after the incident. On Twitter, the Detroit Metro Police said that they are handing the investigation over to the Michigan State Police.

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There are a string of charges that could be attached but Michigan’s attempted murder laws are a bit confusing. According to the state’s penal code, attempted murder is reserved for suspects accused of unsuccessfully strangling, poisoning or drowning their victims. Instead, the prosecuting attorneys may opt to press a charge of assault with intent to commit murder. The penal code is vague in the punishment for that crime, saying that if convicted, the suspect can be punished “for life or any number of years.”

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