Convicted murderer Dylann Roof told his defense team he’d never see execution because he’d get rescued Screenshot/WSOC

As his capital murder trial went on, Charleston church murderer and white supremacist Dylann Roof told a psychologist on his defense team that he did not fear his death penalty, believing he would be saved by other white supremacists who would release him once they “took over the government.”

Moreover, Roof’s defense was seemingly hampered by his own lack of concern — he believed that he would be pardoned in “four or five years.”

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That’s according to a report from November 2016 that was just released, according to CNN. It’s the same report that diagnosed Roof on the autism spectrum, citing “social-communication challenges and atypical behaviors.”

That same report also names “anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, disordered thinking, and psychosis,” which Roof was either suffering at the time he committed the massacre or had suffered in the past.

Roof was upset by his autism diagnosis and insisted that he was sociopathic, not austistic. He said autism was for “nerds and losers” and told jurors that there was “nothing wrong with [him] physically.”

“Anything you heard from my lawyers in the last phase, I ask you to forget it,” he told them ahead of sentencing in January.

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