Female Uber driver: wannabe mayor whipped it out and masturbated in my back seat

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New Orleans mayoral candidate Frank Scurlock’s toughest opponent could be his own past, as accusations have arisen that he was caught masturbating in an Uber last February.

A Santa Monica Uber driver says that she was driving down a highway in February when she heard sounds in the back seat. Distressed, she pulled over and opened the door where she found Scurlock’s pants around his ankles and his erect penis in his hand. She then ran to a gas station where she called police; and though Scurlock fled, she identified him out of a line-up a few hours later.

Now, the candidate, who is registered as a Democrat after recently switching parties, will have to go to California to face a misdemeanor charge of lewd conduct, the New Orleans Advocate reports.

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Scurlock has peppered New Orleans with billboards of his face with the slogan “Make New Orleans Fun Again.” While he’s a colorful candidate, often appearing in a purple top hat, the 55-year-old hasn’t managed to make much an impact in the polls.

When first contacted for comment, Scurlock claimed, “I have no idea what I’m being charged with.” He later said that he does not know if he will continue his campaign and that he will assess his decision to run over the next few days.

The politician will have to appear in court on Oct. 16 — two days after the primary election. Though the crime is a misdemeanor, if convicted, he will be forced to register as a sex offender.

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