Here’s why a sheriff would rather let a person who’s overdosed die than use the antidote

In this Nov. 3, 2005, file photo, Butler County, Ohio, Sheriff Richard Jones stands next to a sign with an arrow labeled "Illegal Aliens Here" that he had installed in the sheriff's office parking lot in Hamilton, Ohio. President Donald Trump's supporters could not be much happier with his executive order temporarily banning refugees and immigrants from seven mostly Muslim countries. (AP Photo/David Kohl, File)

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As the heroin epidemic spreads throughout the nation, different groups are devising different ways to handle the overdoses.

Police are pushing tougher sentences and going after doctors who they believe are spreading the drug. Some groups are going after the huge pharmaceutical companies that make the drugs.

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A lot of police departments now have their officers carry Narcan, the drug used to bring overdose victims back to life. But, one Ohio sheriff has taken a firm stand against that. Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones told The Washington Post, “We don’t do the shots for bee stings, we don’t inject diabetic people with insulin. When does it stop?” He explained, “I’m not the one that decides if people live or die. They decide that when they stick that needle in their arm.” Instead of using Narcan, the four-term sheriff is pushing for drug prevention.

Jones’ district has been hit particularly hard by the drug epidemic. He mentioned in an interview with the Post that three babies who were addicted to drugs were born in the jail.

Butler County is full of tough-love types. It’s the same county where a councilman proposed a three-strikes policy for heroin overdoses — after the third overdose, police would stop rejuvenating victims.

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