Florida man steals from an unlocked car, but his pants caught him in the act Facebook/PBSO - Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Facebook/PBSO - Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

If you’re going to commit a crime, make sure your pants are pulled up for the getaway.

The Palm Beach County Sherrif’s office shared a video of the burglary on their Facebook page.

“Don’t be caught with your pants down,” they wrote in the post. “Must watch until the end.”

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And watch to the end you should.

A surveillance video caught two men driving up to an unlocked car and stealing some items inside.

After taking what they could find, including some coins for their “laundry, bro,” one of the burglars noticed another car driving down the street. While he ran back to the car, his partner-in-crime stayed behind a moment longer to check out a stethoscope. Once he was done, he tried to high-tail it back to his buddy.

And that’s where his clothing intervened.

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The man’s pants fell to his ankles, causing him to trip and face-plant into the first vehicle.

ABC News reports that the pair stole a phone charger, loose change and the $500 stethoscope. The sheriff’s office invites anyone with knowledge about the burglary to call (561) 688-5425.

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