New details shed light on the Las Vegas shooter, including the sickening files found on his computer

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

On Friday, police released an 81-page report on the Las Vegas shooting and, while we still don’t know very much about murderer Stephen Paddock’s motives, we’re learning more about the twisted mind behind the massacre.

Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo appeared before the press on Friday to discuss the evidence that his team uncovered. He told the assembled reporters “we have done a lot of work trying to piece together what happened,” according to Fox. Lombardo went on to say that investigators “have gone over 2,000 leads and looked at 21,560 hours of video.” He added that the newly-released report “won’t answer every question, or even the biggest question as to why he did what he did.” The sheriff said that, in examining Paddock’s computers, investigators found “numerous” photos of child pornography.

Lombardo said that the FBI is investigating a person of interest allegedly connected to the child pornography. Paddock’s brother, Bruce Paddock, was arrested on child porn charges on October 25 — less than a month after his brother killed 58 people. Police were alerted after Bruce Paddock bragged about being a relative of the killer and, after an investigation, authorities found an outstanding warrant from 2014 in relation to a child porn case.

The report outlines the investigative steps that the authorities have taken in trying to find out more about Paddock. There are also a series of photos showing the Mandalay Bay room where Paddock opened fire.

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Last week, court documents were unsealed showing that Paddock took an number of steps to trip up the authorities in the investigation that he knew would follow his disgusting action. Those steps included using multiple phones and email addresses and police are still working on getting all of the data from the phones. Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, was initially an important figure in the case but she has not been charged with any crimes.

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