Dad shares emotional texts sent by his young daughter to her grandpa after he passed away

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Losing a loved one is a painful experience, and for many people, finding ways to keep their memory alive is an important part of coping. One little girl’s method of doing just that is sure to bring a tear to your eye.

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Radio presenter James O’Brien shared a touching set of messages sent to his late father by his young daughter in a tweet posted over the weekend.

“My youngest has had my old phone for a couple of years,” he wrote. “Just for games, which I download for her before disconnecting the internet. Still has my old contacts though & it turns out she’s been messaging my dad, who died 5 years ago. I may have something in my eye.”

“I love you grandad have a great time in heaven I hope you meet Jesus and I hope you had an amazing life I absolutely love you and my life could not of been this amazing without you!” the girl had written in one of her messages.

In another one, she updated her grandfather, telling him she was “nearly 10” and her sister loved his present. She added in the heartbreaking message, “By the way your present was your love.”

After O’Brien shared his daughter’s sweet words to her granddad, other users wrote back with their support and mentioned similar ways they’d continued talking to loved ones who had passed away.

“My daughter died in 2009, she was 25, and I messaged her every day for 2 whole years,” wrote one Twitter user. “The messages turned from despair to chats and family news. Sometimes I charge her phone up and ring it just to hear her voice. Not often but once in a while.”

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Another shared, “That’s lovely. When my mum died about 5 years ago my 4 year old made me a phone out of Lego so that I could still call her.”

Someone’s definitely cutting onions in here.

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