A dirty game of truth of dare cost this “Teacher of the Year” candidate his nomination

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A Florida teacher was suspended after a game of truth or dare unfolded in his middle school classroom.

Brent Sawdy was a finalist for Duval County’s “Teacher of the Year” before administrators discovered the incident last May. In a 16-page document, investigators outlined the distressing classroom occurrence — pupils played a game called “Dirty Dare,” during which two girls allegedly exposed their breasts and other students kissed each other, News4Jax reports.

According to the report, parents notified the secretary at Lake Shore Middle School that they were concerned with the behavior their children “observed in Mr. Sawdy’s class.” The teacher was reportedly working at the front of the class when a few students gathered in the back of the room to play the game. However, it quickly turned illicit; and though at one point Sawdy pulled a student out of class for a disciplinary conversation, he wasn’t able to stop the game.

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It seems that Sawdy caught wind of the inappropriate behavior of his students, as he took them aside the next day to ask about the game. Unsurprisingly, the group remained silent.

An investigator concluded that the social studies teacher “failed to provide adequate supervision.” The Duval County School Board approved a recommendation that Sawdy be placed on a seven-day suspension without pay.

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