He was ticked when fined $25 after being parked for 10 minutes — here’s how he handled things

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CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — A Pennsylvania town said you can’t pay a fine in in legal U.S. tender, even if the payment is in pennies.

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Justin Greene was fined $25 for parking facing the wrong direction for 10 minutes, The Associated Press reported.

“I just feel the amount was ridiculous,” Green told The Public Opinion in Chambersburg. “I work too hard for my money and thought it would be fun to get back at someone, inconvenience them like they inconvenienced me.”

But the coins he wrapped and piled on the counter were not accepted, and it was all because of a sign in the borough’s office that says, “Federal law specifies pennies and nickels as small change and not legal tender for debts in excess of 25 cents.”

The law was federal Code 31 U.S. Code annotated, Sections 317 and 460, The Public Opinion reported.

Green could have paid in dimes, quarters or other change, just not nickels and pennies.

The borough’s manager Jeffery Stonehill released a statement, that the community has reversed the decision, since the code the borough cited is no longer in effect.

It was an old policy, and after research, the community’s leaders decided to change their policy.

Chambersburg will acquire a coin-counting machine in the near future to be able to accept payments made in change.

The borough said Green paid the fine Wednesday in “more traditional currency.”

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