She’s here to warn you that tattooing your eyeballs is a terrible idea

Facebook/Catt Gallinger

A Canadian woman who decided to get a tattoo on her eyeball may end up partially blind from the procedure, and now, she has a warning to others considering the body decoration.

Catt Gallinger, 24, got a scleral tattoo — which means that she had ink injected into the white section of her eyeball. While she has a number of tattoos and even a forked tongue, her eyeball tattoo quickly became infected.

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Videos by Rare

Gallinger took to Facebook to warn others of the procedure saying, “Please be cautious who you get your mods from and do your research.” She claims that the infection was caused by undiluted ink and not enough injection sites. She also made sure to point out that her aftercare was “good.”

Gallinger has been to the hospital three times in hopes of getting the infection cleared up. On the day she got the tattoo, the purple ink ran down the side of her face, the next day, her eye was swollen shut. Now she has to get surgery, and the tattoo certainly won’t end up like she hoped. She told CTV that the ink will either go away completely or “stay a blurry mess.”

Ophthalmologists have warned against the procedure, with some saying the only way to completely stop the pain is to remove the eyeball. Catt may be able to keep her eye, but the experience has left her a little bit shaken.

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