A Rare look at the U.S. Presidents: John Adams Associated Press
John Adams, second president of the U.S. from 1797 to 1801, is shown in this steel engraving. (AP Photo)

Once a generation, a few people come along and change the course for the rest of us. Because of them, we stand taller, we talk clearer, we listen to different music, use different technology, and society changes.

In the beginning of the United States, we had several of those minds all living within a few hundred miles of each other. Together, they shaped the legacy and some of the rules and guidelines that still bind us together today.

We at Rare are going to take a “Rare” look at the commanders-in-chief. First, there was George Washington. Now, it’s time to examine his successor, John Adams.

Here are some fun facts about Adams:

  1. He drafted the Massachusetts Constitution, which is the oldest constitution still in use today.
  2. Adams prevented the U.S. from entering an all-out war with France in 1798.
  3. He also defended two British soldiers accused in the Boston Massacre. Both were acquitted thanks to Adams’ efforts. He described it as “one of the best pieces of service I ever rendered my country.”
  4. Adams was the first president to live in the White House. He and his wife, Abigail, moved into the newly built executive mansion in 1800 — then had to leave four months later, when Adams’ term ended.
  5. He is one of only 10 presidents to serve a single term.
  6. Adams and the third president, Thomas Jefferson, were longtime rivals. They died on the same day — July 4, 1826 — exactly 50 years after signing the Declaration of Independence.

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