It didn’t take long for John Legend to condemn the government shutdown as racist

PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 28: Whoopi Goldberg pictured backstage with John Legend at Philly Fights Cancer round 3 at The Navy Yard in Philadelphia, Pa on October 28, 2017 Credit: Star Shooter/MediaPunch/IPX, President Donald Trump speaks at H&K Equipment, Co. on Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018 in Coraopolis, Pa.(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

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The Grammy and Oscar-winning singer John Legend explained the news of a government shutdown by saying that President Donald Trump and his team’s racism were behind the shutdown.

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Legend, who has vocally criticized Trump Sr. and Jr. both in the past, tweeted the following just after midnight on Saturday.

“The reason the government shutdown is that Trump and his team have an ideological commitment to allowing fewer black and brown people into the country #TrumpShutdown #TrumpIsARacist,” Legend tweeted.

Legend has called Trump a racist before.

Most recently, Legend tweeted on Jan. 11 that Trump is “a racist” and “has been for his entire public life.”

That came in response to the much-discussed alleged “shithole” remark.

In April, Legend said he thinks that Trump is a “terrible president.”

“He’s manifestly unqualified, not curious, not good at legislating or doing anything that his job requires. He doesn’t have any depth about any subject,” he said. “And he’s also using the office of the presidency as a way to make money for himself with his businesses, so he’s corrupt.”

“I can’t say anything nice about the guy. I think he’s one of the worst people I’ve encountered in public life,” he added.

As early as December 2016 in an interview with Rolling Stone, Legend made the same accusation.

When asked for his response to a Trump presidency, Legend said, “He’s been consistent about being a racist and about a couple of other things.

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“He’s been consistent about being a racist and about a couple of other things, but he’s also been wildly inconsistent and lied a lot. So we truly don’t know how he’s gonna govern,” Legend said. “We haven’t seen anyone like him before. It’s a very kind of different world now, knowing that someone’s going to possibly dismantle a lot of what Obama accomplished. I don’t know where we’re going to go.”

Legend would go on to say that he believes it is his role as an artist to “tell the truth and reflect what’s going on.”

“We just have to be vigilant and get through this, and then hopefully it’ll be over soon,” he said.

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