Wild Karen Goes Viral After Viciously Yelling at Starbucks Employee For No Apparent Reason

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A viral video of a Karen yelling at the top of her lungs at a Starbucks employee has received 28.5 Million views on TikTok. The entire scene is boggling as a woman in a pink top demands something that no one can understand while beating the equipment in front of her and scaring the customers.

“…training program that this is [unintelligible] it is not illegal to yell here! Excuse me ma’am you are [unintelligible] visiting the city!” she yells.

Karen Plays The Espresso Machine Like Bongos

Karen then starts beating the espresso machine and says something along the lines of:

“Would you please ask your family to [unintelligible] several times. I will not leave your bullshit store you have been asked very loudly about your family’s contracts, you do not live on this salary. Goodbye with the understanding I asked quietly…”

The female employee who is getting verbally accosted manages to keep her cool the entire time. It’s almost like she’s dealt with this kind of behavior before—she just stands there and smiles while another employee intervenes.

The Karen eventually leaves as several customers are heard saying “Get the f*ck out.” The store then bursts into applause as she leaves the building.

The TikTok comments section is comedy gold, too.

“What is she even yelling about,” one person asked.

“Why is she yelling in syllables”

“It was her using the espresso machines as bongos that did it for me”

“Why is she yelling so unsatisfactorily”

“She’s so loud but i can’t hear a single word that’s coming out of her mouth”

“This is the exact type of girl i hope my ex marries omg”

“Eric Cartman?”

“She’s gonna write a HUGE yelp review lmao”

“This is why I meditate”

“Why are we not talking about that drum finale tho!!”

Yep, it goes on and on. No one understands it, but hope you get a good laugh.

And please remember to tip your servers.

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