Kentucky University To Pay $14 Million Settlement After 20-Year-Old Wrestler Died ‘Begging For Water’

Kentucky University has reportedly agreed to pay a $14 million settlement over the tragic death of a 20 year old student wrestler, Grant Brace.

Brace was reportedly at wrestling practice when he began to suffer a heat stroke. He begged his coaches for water, but was denied until he collapsed.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Coaches threatened to kick him off the team if he did not get up and continue to run. Fox News reports…

He died during the wrestling team’s first training day of the season. After practice, the team had to sprint multiple times up and down a steep hill and Brace completed several before sitting down from exhaustion. The coach threatened to kick Brace off the wrestling team, so he ran up the hill again and was later heard saying “I’m done. I can’t do this anymore,” the lawsuit said.

He begged for water and his condition continued to deteriorate, but the coaches didn’t provide water or contact the trainer or emergency medical personnel, according to the lawsuit. Brace left and tried to drink from an outdoor water fountain that was not working. He also tried to get into a building but could not, and he collapsed. About 45 minutes later, the coaches found him dead with his hands clenched in the grass and dirt, according to the suit.

The university said in a statement that it believed it could defend the claims asserted in the lawsuit, but “the legal process would have been long, difficult, and costly, ending years from now in a trial with an uncertain outcome.”

This is one of the most brutal and unjust deaths I have ever reported on. The fact that this young man was denied water after struggling so hard should be a prosecutable crime in my opinion.

He died because of his coaches. Plain and simple. They used threats to force him to push himself past him limits, costing him his life.

$14 million is great, but it will never bring this young man back. What a disgusting situation.

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  1. I think his coaches and any fellow teammates that refused to offer him assistance are guilty for his death and should be tried for murder or manslaughter.

  2. And yet the university said “they thought they could defend the claims!? Wtf? Anyone involved should be prosecuted!!

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