Mid-Air Scare: Viral Video Captures Flight Door Opening in Flight

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When you’re flying through the air, on any size plane, it is fair to expect that tall the doors will stay shut. Well, on one plane in Russia, it didn’t happen. Instead, the rear door of an An-26 twin prop plane owned by Carrier IrAero opened — sucking passengers’ luggage into the air.

There were reportedly 25 passengers on board, with the flight headed from Magan to Magadan. One of the passengers caught the scene on video. According to Carrier IRAero, the doop quickly opened at an altitude of 2800-2900 meters.

The video was shared by one of the passengers, writing “

“A hatch of the Russian AN-26-100 plane flying to Magadan opened right in the sky. 25 people were on board. The pilots began landing right away. A new name of Russian roulette – “Russian plane”?”

On the bright side, the captain was able to repressurize the cabin and nobody got hurt. The plane had to head back to its takeoff point, however, get a quick fix, then try again. Still, this is pretty terrifying, can you imagine being in the air and just feeling all that pressure on you?

Big yikes, no thank you! I know they say that flying is safer than driving, which I guess I can see possible, but this is truly terrible. imagine having someone on board who absolutely hates flying, and decided to travel this way because it was their only option, and then this happens. Traumatize for life, that’s for sure!!

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