The “Crisco Cops” attempted to thwart Eagles fans from climbing lightpoles — and they failed

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When there’s a sports team that wins, there’s usually also an overeager fan ready to risk life and limb to celebrate their team’s successes. The powers that be had that thought in mind when they tried to prevent Philadelphia Eagles diehards from climbing street lights around the city in the event that their team made it to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, it was only the thought that ended up counting.

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Before the Eagles took on the Minnesota Vikings in Sunday night’s NFC Championship Game, Fox 9 Sports tweeted a photo of a Philadelphia city crewman slathering a light pole with some famed cooking grease. According to the post, the crews called themselves “Crisco Cops.”

Sports fans took to social media to mock the city’s extreme response, tweeting jokes like, “So that’s where cheesesteak grease goes…”

Another Twitter user pointed out the Crisco Cops had missed out on an opportunity to call themselves the “Grease Police.”

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As it turned out, the Eagles managed to reign supreme over the Minnesota Vikings, so the city’s plans could have been good, except that no one paid them any mind after the game. Several videos posted to social media featured people climbing up poles while surrounded by hundreds of other Eagles fans.

Looks like the city will have to raise their riot prevention game to another level should their team beat the NFL’s reigning champs — the New England Patriots — on Feb. 4

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