United Airlines recently came under fire after a viral video showed a passenger being dragged off a plane to make room for its flight staff.

On Tuesday, eyewitnesses on the United Flight 3411 appeared on CNN’s “New Day” to criticize United Airlines’ actions.

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Passenger John Klaassen said, “Blame is hard, but all United had to do was try to convince some passengers, and it wouldn’t have taken much more convincing to get some folks to leave that plane.” Some airlines will offer money, plane tickets, and even hotel fare to incentivize passengers to open their seats. If an offer is not answered, another one will be made until a volunteer is found.

Klaassen said that the United Airlines employee only made one incentive offer before choosing to boot four random people on the plane. “Had [they] just tried some diplomacy, none of this had to take place.”

A passenger on the United Airlines flight has a feeling things might have gone differently with “some diplomacy” Twitter/@NewDay
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