Aaron Sorkin puts politics front and center in a fired-up awards show acceptance speech

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For over 25 years, Aaron Sorkin has written movies, plays, and television shows that represent an idealistic America he believes is attainable.

Sorkin’s style of writing and distinctive narrative pace have made his works — including “A Few Good Men, “The West Wing,” and “The Newsroom” — among the most popular pieces of art in modern times.

At Sunday’s Writers Guild of America gala, Sorkin was recognized for his long, inspiring career.

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Like many celebrities of a certain caliber, Sorkin turned his speech into an opportunity to assess the country and, more specifically, its president.

According to Sorkin, writers in Hollywood are faced with a unique task of trying to create during a hot political climate.

“The most powerful delivery system ever invented for an idea is a story. The men and women in this room, and one just like it in New York, are America’s storytellers, and we come from everywhere,” Sorkin said.

The bulk of Sorkin’s speech was a monologue on the idea that intellectuals, liberals, and people from the coasts are somehow less American than their flyover counterparts.

“We’ve been told that as coastal elites, we’re something less than real Americans and that we’re out of touch. If you find it mind-boggling that living and working in the two largest cities in America makes you less than a real American, you’re not the one who’s out of touch. If you don’t find it remotely credible that three to five million people voted illegally in our last election, you’re not the one who’s out of touch. If you [don’t] think climate change is a global hoax being perpetrated by unscrupulous Chinese scientists in cahoots with every other scientist in a cunning long con to get grant money, you’re not the one who’s out of touch. If you [don’t] think the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, NBC News, CBS News, ABC News and CNN lie with impunity and that the only trustworthy new source is Fox and Friends, you’re not the one who’s out of touch. And if you don’t think that turning away people who are seeking a safe haven from unspeakable brutality is a morally defensible idea, then you’re not the one who’s less than a real American.”

Sorkin then closed by noting that it was his dream come true to become a writer, and that he and his fellow writers, no matter their politics or creed, should never forget that.

“The most powerful delivery system ever invented for an idea is a story, and we’re America’s storytellers. And my dream of being one of you has come true,” he said.

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