Yes, this really happened: A CNN New Year’s Eve segment entitled “Rocky Mountain High” joined revelers in Denver, Colorado on a marijuana party bus (perhaps unsurprisingly named the Canni-bus).

In the bizarre segment, anchor Randi Kaye mingled with hosts and guests, displaying various paraphernalia available on a rotating Lazy Susan tray that a host referred to as a “Blaze”-y Susan. She also demonstrated the use of a glass marijuana pipe attached to a gas mask, one of many social activities available to marijuana enthusiasts on the bus.

Such activities are popular in Colorado ever since the state legalized marijuana use. It’s led to a booming tourism industry, too.

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The segment is no surprise for the network, which has a tradition of broadcasting zany New Year’s Eve festivities that are a dramatic departure from much of their other programming, reports Mediaite. Past New Year’s Eve festivities have seen Kathy Griffin wrap Anderson Cooper in foil and Don Lemon get his ear pierced on live television.

In the tradition of at least one former president, “Kush Kaye,” as she referred to herself, never inhaled — at least on camera — but viewers weren’t sure what to make of it either way.

“You figure it would be slowing down but we’ve suddenly escalated to people blazing gas masks on a f**king WEED BUS,” wrote one Twitter user, adding “I’m absolutely certain I’ve never seen a more bizarrely entertaining live broadcast.”


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