Kellyanne Conway is firing back at critics who have claimed the GOP health care bill would cut Medicaid


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The Republican-backed health care bill has faced a new round of controversy after critics said it contains provisions that would cut Medicaid, including Republican Sen. Shelley Capito of West Virginia, whose constituents would be greatly affected by the cuts.

On Monday, White House counsel Kellyanne Conway took to “FOX & Friends” to slam critics:

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“Medicaid would continue to be funded,” Conway said, just before criticizing former President Obama of not keeping costs down.

Conway said that Medicaid expanded beyond “the poor, the needy and the sick,” as was initially intended.

“I’m not going to allow people and detractors and Trump-haters to call me a liar because they don’t want to do the homework and look at what’s actually happening to Medicaid,” she added.

Conway also said that the bill didn’t cut Medicaid during a Sunday appearance on ABC’s “This Week:”

“This slows the rate for the future, and it allows governors more flexibility with Medicaid dollars, because they’re closest to the people in need,” she said.

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