Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s Twitter account has recently become a topic of discussion following his insistence that those who don’t like his jokes just didn’t understand them. But he might have successfully reached across the aisle on Monday when he found the topic with which everyone could agree: a distaste for Comcast.

Huckabee made his displeasure with their services known rather publicly.

First he compared Comcast to United Airlines:

“Is @comcast the United AL version of cable/internet/phone? Has anyone else had DEPLORABLE dealings with @comcast? &string.”

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Huckabee used his 5-year-old grandson to make a statement about their service:

“By the time @comcast shows up to fix THEIR problems after they missed THEIR appt today, my 5 year old grandson will be graduating college.”

He even brought the mafia into it:

“Mafia better service than @comcast Sure they shoot you, but it’s over with and they don’t charge you for the bullet.”

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Huckabee even went so far as to bring former Preisdent Barack Obama into the mix:

“How bad is @comcast service? I’d rather have Obama back as President than have Comcast.”

Comcast has yet to respond to his tweets.

Love him or hate him, everyone can relate to Mike Huckabee’s tweets about Comcast AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall
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