The reason these town busybodies threatened to sue over a slide is remarkably silly


LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — A victory over homeowners’ associations as a Missouri family is allowed to keep its swing set and the color they painted it.

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A judge has ruled that the purple play set can stay, despite the fact that The Raintree Subdivision’s Home Owners Association didn’t like the color, threatening the homeowners with fines and even jail time, Fox News reported.

The HOA claimed that the Stout family put up the play set without the group’s permission and that the group did not approve the color, WDAF reported.

The HOA rules state that the color of children’s play equipment must be in harmony with other colors in the community. The family’s attorney said the rule was not clear enough.

The HOA has not responded to the ruling, but neighbors came together Sunday for a celebration BBQ, WDAF reported.

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