Tourist Arrested After Cruising Down Venice’s Grand Canal on Surfboards

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

In today’s dumb crime of the day, two tourists in Venice were arrested for riding down the Grand Canal on motorized surfboards. According to NBC News, the tourists were fined 1500 Euros each for the incident. The duo also had their surfboards, which were valued at around 25,000 Euros, confiscated. The city is now taking action against them for damaging the image of the UNESCO World Heritage site which serves as the key water traffic corridor for the city.

Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro,  posted a video on his Twitter showing the two men speeding down the Grand Canal. Another video shows one of the men falling off his surfboard and into the water. While the other surfer was seen passing under the Accademia Bridge. 

Luigi Brugnaro on Twitter

Brugnaro  had some quite harsh words to say about the men, referring to them as “two arrogant imbeciles who made a mockery of the city.”  He went on to offer to buy dinner to anyone who can help identify the men. Eventually, police ended up catching them both thanks to the CCTV footage and the information that was gathered by locals.

The men not only endangered their well-being but broke several laws. These laws are expected to be followed by locals and visitors of the city. Venise has pretty strict rules when it comes to its buildings and canals. All water activities, including canoeing, snorkeling, and surfing are strictly prohibited in the canals.

Swimming and eating on the steps of the monuments are also against the law. Back in 2019, two Germans were fined $1,000 and were ordered to not come back to the Veneto capital by the city itself. They were making coffee on the Rialto Bridge.

Venice is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world with over 25 million visitors a year. The city is said to be launching a visitor’s tax in 2023 to combat the over-tourism effect.

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    so what is the fucking point of canals anyways? just looking at them? is there any actual reason?

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