He was clearly methed up in the head when he monkeyed around and yelled this at a zoo Santa Ana Police Department

John William Rodenborn, despite what you might hear from him, is not Tarzan.

The 37-year-old man was half-naked and methed up in the head when he tried fraternizing with monkeys at a zoo in Santa Ana, Calif. and declared that he was Tarzan.

According to the New York Daily News, Rodenborn climbed a bunch of trees, covered himself in mud and tried to vine his way into a monkey exhibit. Rodenborn ending up climbing a 20-foot wall, but didn’t disturb  the monkeys.

The director of the zoom, Kent Yamaguchi, was the one who called 911 and said “He’s shouting at people, um, that he’s Tarzan.”

“We have a gentleman who is, appears to be under the influence of something and is climbing in our trees and jumping into animal exhibits,” Yamaguchi said. “He’s shouting at people um, that he’s Tarzan.”

Despite his monkeying around and unnerving self-flattery, Rodenborn was not very aggressive and was arrested without any issues.

Police said Rodenborn had meth on his person and that his use of the drug explained his behavior.

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