The details of a grandmother’s alleged murder by her own nurse’s aid aren’t just bad – they’re evil

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Newly-released court documents paint a horrific picture of last week’s murder of 74-year-old Indianapolis woman Alice Wright, who was found dead in her home. Her husband, Kerney Wright, a Vietnam Veteran who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease and dementia, was alive but lying on the floor.

The suspects are a former nurse’s aid for the Wrights and her boyfriend. 18-year-old Kiesha Summerhill and 19-year-old Arion Cruthird were arrested on Indianapolis’ east side after police received an anonymous tip.

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Court documents say police entered the home on the morning of Sunday, January 7th, shortly after Wright’s adult daughter found her mother’s body. Police found a gory scene from the moment they arrived, observing blood on the front door, floor, and walls of the home, per FOX59.

The couple’s spaghetti dinner was still on the table, according to police.

Court documents say the murder began as a robbery. Summerhill and Cruthird attempted to threaten Wright with a BB gun, ordering her to retrieve cash stored in the couple’s freezer. Wright activated a Life Alert-style home alarm, which prompted the suspects to attack her. Because Wright recognized Summerhill and might identify her to police, she allegedly said Wright would have to die. Summerhill was reportedly not concerned that Kerney would be able to recognize them.

An autopsy revealed that Wright died of complications of a heart condition that had been aggravated by dozens of knife wounds, both stabs and slashes. In all, she suffered 13 stab wounds to her head, neck, back and forehead, along with 16 slashes across her body.

Cruthird allegedly told the tipster that he “felt sorry” for Wright as the 74-year-old grandmother died in his hands. As she lost consciousness, Cruthird allegedly said he felt the “crushing” of her neck and heard her begging for her life.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help pay for Kerney Wright’s advanced medical care, which he requires in the absence of his wife Alice.

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