Police arrested a Wisconsin man and woman on Monday after an officer spotted them having sex in a car and they refused to stop when he ordered them to do so.

The officer reportedly heard moaning coming from a parked car, which was rocking and had fogged windows, after a woman who lives on the block called the police to complain that the noise woke her up. Inside were Bailey Puttkemery, 21, and Emily Scott, 20, both nude and in the middle of having sex.

“No, bro, I’m trying to f**k,” Puttkemery said according to a police report when the officer asked them to stop.

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After waiting five minutes for them to get dressed and exit the vehicle, the officer found they had resumed their lovemaking. This time, he opened one of the car doors and again ordered them to put on clothes.

“You’re a man. You should understand. It’s Oktoberfest weekend,” Puttkemery said while standing naked outside his car. “It’s just a d**k. Nothing to be afraid of.”

Puttkemery was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior and disorderly conduct, while Scott was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior and bail jumping. Prosecutors later decided not to pursue the charges.

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Not even a police officer’s orders could stop this couple from getting it on in their car LA CROSSE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT
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