They say she neglected her kids to have sex for money, and she did it in an absolutely disgusting place

Polk County sheriff

Sarah M. Bradehoft, 27, of Star Prairie, Minn., was locked up this week after police say she engaged in prostitution near her home.

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According to police, Bradehoft neglected her children while she went and turned tricks for money, all inside of what the Twins Cities press describe as a “modified” chicken coop.

Bradehoft met suitors on

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“A relative told investigators Bradehoft traded sex acts for money ‘when everyone was sleeping and that the next day she would sleep during the day and would all of a sudden have money which came from her activities through the website,’ according to the report,” reported.

Police said Bradehoft admitted to prostituting herself and told police that she was doing it to make money in order to travel to Florida.

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