This couple shamelessly exploited their parent status when they strolled into stores and, well, stole things

Let’s stick with an Easter theme here.

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Edward and Nicolle Hatch hatched an idea: ‘Honey, you hold the baby and I’ll stuff the stroller with all of the baseball bats it can carry. It’s the perfect crime.’

Mount Laurel Police Department


The Philadelphia natives traveled to Mt. Laurel, New Jersey last Tuesday, strolled into a Dick’s Sporting Goods store and stuffed five expensive baseball bats into the carriage, the New York Daily News reports.

The stolen merchandise’s value is estimated at $2,750. This wasn’t the deceiving and thieving couple’s first rodeo. Just 10 days prior to last Tuesday, they used the same stroller technique to steal cash from a local arcade. It is not known how much cash they stole from the arcade, but they did cause $500 in damages.

The couple is still on the loose and the police have released these photos and surveillance video in the hopes of tracking them down.

Warrants have been issued on charges of third-degree shoplifting and criminal mischief.

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