This Florida woman told everyone she had stage IV breast cancer, but now the real story has come out

One Florida woman’s way to make some extra cash backfired big time.

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Kelly Johanneson, 36, of Citrus County, claimed she had stage IV breast cancer and “had been getting cancer treatment at the Moffitt Cancer Center” in Tampa, states a CBS 12 report. It was then that community members began fundraising for her, holding events and creating a GoFundMe page that raised $4,400 in funds for Johanneson.

According to CBS 12, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office received a tip about the ordeal, stating that Johanneson was “putting on an elaborate hoax that included shaving her head.” When questioned by police, the woman showed paperwork that appeared to be from the Moffitt Cancer Center, but the institute said she was not a patient there.

Johannesson is “facing charges of organized fraud, a third-degree felony,” states CBS 12.

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