Woman on a flight reportedly wakes up to a man pulling her into a sex crime nightmare

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Passengers reportedly intervened to help stop a man, 51-year-old Eudiraci Almeida do Vale, who allegedly ejaculated on a 32-year-old woman sitting next to him on a flight to Brasília, Brazil.

The Daily Mail reports that a passenger seated next to him on the Gol Airlines flight fell asleep shortly after takeoff, only to wake up and realize the suspect was pulling her hand to his genitals.

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“I then realized my legs and lap was stained,” the unnamed victim said. Once she screamed for help, the crew and other passengers intervened, with some passengers hitting the passenger, according to Brazilian media outlet Diario Do Mundo.

The plane’s crew then removed Almeida do Vale to the rear of the plane, where he was isolated until the plane landed in Brasília. Once on the ground in Brasilia, the door of the plane was locked until police could enter and take the man into custody.

The suspect reportedly told police he had a “coughing fit” that forced him to “spit,” and it hit the woman to his side. “The woman became angry and started hitting out at me,” said the suspect, who is reportedly an employee at Brazil’s National Health Agency.

In a statement, Gol Airlines said it “condemns any manifestation of violence that occurred on Friday morning” and is “studying” ways to ban the passenger from the airline’s flights for good.

Under Brazilian law, Almeida do Vale could see a fine if convicted, according to Diaria do Mundo.

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