Donald Trump just revealed how he would take down ISIS, making this promise to the terror group

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses an audience during a campaign rally, Monday, April 25, 2016, in Warwick, R.I. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

In a scripted speech, GOP front-runner Donald Trump made a foreign policy address to a packed audience in Washington, DC.

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On the heels of a clean sweep on Tuesday, Trump delivered his address, which worked to outline his foreign policy plan for the United States, if he were to win the general election. “My foreign policy will always put the interests of the American people, and American security, above all else,” Trump said in the speech hosted by The National Interest, adding “America First will be the major and overriding theme of my administration.”

Citing Egypt, Iraq, Libya and Syria as foreign policy blunders by the Obama administration, Trump said that they created a “vacuum…that ISIS would fill” in the region.

“After Secretary Clinton’s failed intervention in Libya, Islamic terrorists in Benghazi took down our consulate and killed our ambassador and three brave Americans,” Trump said, adding that “instead of taking charge that night, Hillary Clinton decided to go home and sleep. Incredible.”

“Our foreign policy is a disaster,” the GOP front runner said to the audience at the Mayflower Hotel in downtown D.C.—just blocks away from the White House.

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Addressing ISIS directly, Trump said he has “a simple message for them. Their days are numbered. I won’t tell them where and I won’t tell them how. We must as, a nation, be more unpredictable. But they’re going to be gone. And soon.”

Invoking the 9/11 terror attacks, which he said were “worse than Pearl Harbor,” Trump said that it is necessary to “stop importing extremism through senseless immigration policies.”
Trump went on to slam President Obama’s Iran deal, saying the president treated “Iran with tender love and care,” while isolating U.S. ally Israel.

The front runner repeated that he is the only candidate fit to run the United States and lead their foreign policy, saying “I’m the only one, believe me, I know them all, who knows how to fix it.”

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Moments ahead of Trump’s speech, Hillary Clinton’s campaign released a press statement saying “as Trump closes in on securing the nomination, he’s making new efforts to paint himself as a serious presidential candidate and plausible commander-in-chief. But there is no running away from the dangerous national security proposals and irresponsible rhetoric he’s made central to his campaign.”

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