Do you enjoy tackling DIY projects? Need to round out your incomplete toolbox for work or perhaps looking to treat yourself to an upgrade? With the Readymax 10″ & 12″ Tongue & Groove Plier Set, you can take on the most intricate projects and jobs with a sophisticated two pack of tongue and groove pliers that have built-in LED lights.

Whether you’re turning nuts and bolts, gripping irregularly shaped objects, or clamping materials, these tongue and groove pliers — at 10″ and 12″ — help you do it right! The rubber grips of each plier are carefully designed to provide you with a comfortable hold so your hands won’t tire after extensive usage. Plus, the 10″ and 12″ models are waterproof and chemical proof. Meaning, you can use them in any part of your home or at any job site with complete peace of mind.

Ever come across a project or job you couldn’t finish simply because you didn’t have enough light? Well, that frustration ends today. The 10″ and 12″ groove and tongue pliers have built-in LED lights that make handling dark tasks much easier. Powered by three #392 batteries, the shock-proof LED lights expose areas you wouldn’t be able to see with a conventional groove and tongue plier. Not to mention, they also automatically shut off after two minutes of non-use, thereby extending the lifetime of your batteries.

Start tackling more DIY projects and jobs by grabbing the Readymax 10″ & 12″ Tongue & Groove Plier Set at The Rare Shop for half off the $39.99 list price.

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Complete Your Toolbox with This Tongue & Groove Plier Set Readymax Plier Set via Stack Commerce

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