This multi-function radio and flashlight is an emergency kit essential

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Videos by Rare

Whether it’s a sudden onslaught of extreme weather, a last-minute excursion into the great outdoors or you just really want to be prepared for any emergency situation that strikes, this Emergency Multi-Function Radio & Flashlight is the perfect gadget to have by your side.

This multi-functional radio does everything you’d need in case of a catastrophe: you can catch the NOAA weather broadcast 24 hours a day, and recharge the radio via solar power. Worried there won’t be any sun? It’s also powered by a built-in hand crank.

You can even charge any USB devices with the onboard battery. And just in case you have to go out looking for supplies or signal for help, this clever radio includes an LED flashlight.

This handheld, portable radio is perfect for any situation, but especially comes in handy when you might need it the most. Usually, this Emergency Multi-Function Radio & Flashlight is $89.95, but you can get it HERE now for $18.99, or 78% off the original price.

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