Let’s fight injustice — liberal injustice

The president’s “inequality” speech was just a panicked effort to rally the liberal base to ward off the danger of the retreat from Obamacare turning into a full-scale rout, but I’ve still got my dander up.

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The liberal “because inequality” politics gets to me.

Karl Marx invented “because exploitation” politics. Because there was exploitation, young revolutionaries had to be given the keys to the kingdom and force the bourgeoisie to kneel to proletarian power.

Just like the progressive “because inequality” politics. Because there is inequality, liberal elitists have to be given the keys to the republic so they can force the rich and powerful to kneel to liberal power.

How does it work? Here’s the Boston Globe on progressive heroine Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.):

Warren has won the hearts of liberals across the country with a full-throated embrace of government as an instrument to combat income inequality against a system that is “rigged” for the rich and powerful. She has embraced an expansion of Social Security, fought against the power of big banks, put public pressure on government regulators to crack down on financial institutions, and spoken in favor of raising the minimum wage.

Earth to liberals: do you know who gets to do the “rigging” for the rich and powerful these days? It is you chaps and chapettes, with your elite education, your money, your connections, and your political power.

It was liberals that enacted the unjust Obamacare law that commits generational injustice on poor suffering Millennials, making them subsidize the health care of people older and richer than they are.

It is liberals, see above, that champion the generational injustice of Social Security, that forces young people to pay a 12 percent tax on wages to support older and richer Americans.

It is liberals, see above, that play three card monte with the banks, pretending to fight the greedy bankers while using them as ATMs to hand out mortgages to deadbeats.

It is liberals that are cranking energy prices on ordinary American workers into the stratosphere while they award themselves gigantic subsidies on their self-congratulatory Priuses and their eagle-killing wind farms.

It is liberals that use the unjust notion of “disparate impact” to empower race regulators to sue anyone they choose.

Yeah, let’s talk about injustice, liberals.  The injustice of a self-congratulatory educated elite that lives in an ideological bubble and doesn’t care to know about the brutal injustice that its enforcement thugs mete out to ordinary Americans every day.

Back in the day, Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote about a cruel English ruling class and the cranky Earl of Dorincourt.  It took a strapping young American boy, Lord Fauntleroy, educated by his neighborhood Republican grocer, to show him the error of his ways.

Little did Burnett know that one day a Conservative corner grocer in Grantham, England would inspire his daughter Margaret to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Now it’s 2013 and the American people are daily assaulted by liberal injustice, naked, brutal and direct.  Who will be the Republican grocer to inspire our generation to take it to the ruling class here in the U.S.?

America would be a better place if just occasionally a liberal would get a deer-in-the-headlights look when some conservative played the “because liberal injustice” card.

What do you think?

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