LIMBAUGH: Obamacare is a nuclear missile that must be shot down

Instead of the GOP focusing all its energy on infighting over the so-called “tactical” decision of whether to defund Obamacare, how about remembering who the real enemies of freedom are and directing its energies toward the Democrats, who are propping up this monster?

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It is painful to witness the expenditure of so much negative energy among people who all say they oppose the law. This law is so bad and so unpopular and its negative consequences so apparent that we would have to be complete incompetents not to be able to make this case to the American people, the majority of whom already agree.

Why not rip a page right out of President Obama’s political playbook and go directly to the people? It obviously works for Obama, even though he doesn’t have the facts or history on his side; there has never been such a radical disconnect between a president’s miserable record and his approval ratings.

He’s just doing what he’s done all his adult life: agitating and community organizing. He’s on a never-ending campaign, because that is all he knows. He knows nothing about governing and, truth be told, doesn’t want to bother with it, provided he can order his subordinates to implement his big strokes.

This time, he’s campaigning to resurrect and salvage the most atrocious policy albatross ever foisted on the free American people by an arrogant, out-of-touch federal government that has come to believe it has the right to force us to do whatever it believes is good for us, collectively, individuality and liberty be damned.

People register disgust and dismay at Obama’s cynically self-degrading appearance on Jay Leno’s show, but Obama’s laughing all the way to the political bank — again. He makes a mockery of the serious policies he pretended to discuss there and a greater mockery of the media by offering softball answers to softball questions from an entertainer while continuing to refuse to submit himself to any real exchange with the media in a bona fide news conference.

Can you believe this cabal of fawning mainstream media sycophants still willing to serve as Obama’s doormats and his political cover?

But I digress.

Everyone, from Howard Dean to Max Baucus to Marco Rubio to John Boehner, knows this horrific law is a multiple independently targeted re-entry vehicle — a nuclear ballistic missile with multiple warheads aimed at the American health-care system, American liberties and America’s fiscal integrity. Everyone knows this law cannot work, except to wreak havoc on everything and everyone it promises to improve.

Do you think that might be enough ammunition for the Republican Party to get its act together and call a cease-fire on one another and launch a united campaign with unprecedented focus and vigor to take out Obamacare’s missile payload before it fully hits the U.S. mainland?

Are we children here, afraid of ghosts and goblins — and our shadows? Are we so intimidated by this charlatan of a president that we lack the courage to stand up to him on an issue on which the public is on our side?

Why are so many on our side willing to throw in the towel and surrender on this law? Every day, Congress changes laws it purportedly made permanent the year before. It changes the tax laws as often as its members brush their teeth.

Or are they instead resigned to the fatalistic notion that our system has become so unworkable — or that they are so politically impotent and lethargic — that they prefer to roll over and accept the imposition of this nuclear nightmare and then wait to clean up the fallout after the bombs have dropped? Really?

We have the political equivalent of the Strategic Defense Initiative at our disposal because the American people are behind us, but we’re going to stand down for fear that some people might think of us as big bad meanies if we were to finally get off our rear ends and take perfectly constitutional steps to end this menace?

I come from the school that teaches that if you want something done, you do it. Your default position isn’t to wring your hands and expend all your creative energy figuring out why you can’t get something done — especially something of such paramount importance to the preservation of our republic.

Come on, my friends in the GOP establishment. Just once, quit using your juice to tell us how impractical and extreme we are and how you are just as conservative as we are but more prudent and pragmatic. It is not pragmatic to sit on your hands and idly watch the republic be assaulted on this level and do nothing but wait until that fictional time in the future when the law will implode on itself.

That’s laughably ridiculous. It’s not going to happen. Now is the time to shoot this missile down — as it has entered our atmosphere and before it detonates in our major cities and our countryside.

If we can’t draw a line in the sand on an issue this important and convince the American people that an already unpopular bill must be stopped in its tracks — while we watch as a failed president convinces the American people that his policies aren’t responsible for the misery he’s causing — then how can we say we deserve to carry the banner of liberty?

No more excuses. If you don’t have the stomach for it, please get out of the way and let those who do press forward; then thank them later.

David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney. His latest book, “The Great Destroyer,” reached No. 2 on the New York Times best-seller list for nonfiction. Follow him on Twitter @davidlimbaugh¬†


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