You have to hear this woman use her amazing gift to worship God

Kathy Hernandez, a musician and evangelist, has one amazing gift. Hernandez plays the saxophone as well as any jazz musician, yet she chooses to use her talent to praise God.

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When this video was uploaded to Facebook, it quickly went viral because people were astounded by her amazing ability. However, Hernandez cares more about spreading the word of God than becoming famous.

According to an article she wrote for Reflections magazine, she grew up listening to jazz and big band music and always dreamed of playing in a jazz band. Thanks to her hard work, her dream came true but she soon became disenchanted with the lifestyle:

“Playing the music was fun, but the lifestyle wrapped around the music was very disappointing. Yet, this was the life I had chosen, and I was determined to follow through with my dream.”

She goes on to say that it was during that time that she found the Lord and decided to give her life, and her talent, to him.

“I immediately lost all of my previous desires to play for anyone else but the Lord—my Master and King,” she said. “I quit every band that I was a part of and dedicated my talents back to the One who gave them to me in the first place: Jesus Christ.”

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