We didn’t see this coming.

On Monday, Blac Chyna was granted a temporary restraining order against her ex-fiancé, Rob Kardashian, after he shared explicit photos of her on social media to get revenge for her alleged cheating.

According to TMZ, Chyna’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, claimed in new documents that Kardashian was violent with Chyna on a few occasions. Chyna claimed that Kardashian punched her and knocked her to the ground, and that when she tried to run away, he chased her to her bedroom and punched a hole through the door to try to get to her.

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Chyna said she is now afraid things “will lead to increased irrational behavior and that he might harm her in his anger” in the wake of the revenge porn drama. Chyna also shared that she is “terrified” of Kardashian because he owns a gun and previously threatened to kill himself.

Last week, Kardashian went on a social media rampage and shared many nude photos of Chyna on Instagram. The social network eventually disabled Kardashian’s account, and he later took his cheating allegations to Twitter.

Chyna and Bloom appeared on “Good Morning America” on Monday ahead of the court appearance for the restraining order.

“I was devastated. How could somebody post these pictures of me?” Chyna said of the first time she saw the photos on the internet. “This is a person I trusted, and I felt betrayed.”

Blac Chyna made shocking claims about Rob Kardashian’s violent past as she asked for a restraining order Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images
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