Prince William just shared a new skill with the world: blindfolded tent building!

William was spotted in Wales, where he somehow successfully managed to pitch a tent while wearing a blindfold. The prince did have some help from building the tent from local children in the event, which was centered around boosting children’s confidence and resilience.

“Ta-da, look at that! Good job guys. Amazing!” Prince William applauded after they finished the tent.

The team was reportedly imagining they had returned back to camp and had to put their tent up in the dark. According to PEOPLE, they completed the task in under 10 minutes!

“It’s nice to be here in the sunshine,” the prince joked while blindfolded.

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One of his teammates, 12-year-old Keaton Oliver, told reporters that William didn’t make any mistakes as they built the tent.

“He was really good, to be honest. It was really exciting,” he said.

William also helped a group of 6-year-olds build towers using only marshmallows and straws.

Helping children learn and grow is something William holds near to his heart. He has been hard at work helping build the confidence of young people and even has an award in his name set up by one of his charities, SkillForce, to encourage education and character building in children. SkillForce reportedly works with schools and former Armed Forces members to bring motivational mentoring to children.

The ability for a child to develop character, courage and resilience to overcome setbacks is something about which I care deeply,” William said in a speech. “Over the years I have seen, time and again, how the development of personal skills puts a young person in better stead for education, future employment and for life.”

Prince William, unbelievably, was able to pitch a complete tent while blindfolded Photo by Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images
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