In an interview with People, TV host Wendy Williams has fired back at her critics after photos of her in a tiny bikini during a recent trip to Barbados with her husband surfaced online. One of Williams’ fiercest critics was rapper T.I., who shared this post on Instagram.

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“I’m shaped like a capital P… I can joke about myself before you ever joke with me,” Williams remarked in the interview.

“We were having the time of our lives,” Williams told People. “I don’t care when people talk about the way I look,” she continued, “because as long I love what I see when I get out of the shower, as long as [my husband] loves what he sees when I slip into bed, and as long as my son is not embarrassed by overweight or underweight mommy, I’m good.”

In response to T.I.’s Instagram post, Williams simply said, “You know when a short man puts lifts in his shoes to be a little taller?”

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