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n 2007, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay went viral with a sketch they filmed on the cheap. The sketch — which featured McKay’s infant daughter, Pearl, as Ferrell’s angry landlord — was a viral success that helped Funny or Die become one of the most highly regarded comedy websites of all time. Boosted by the success of “The Landlord,” Funny or Die spent the next 10 years creating hilarious content, and served as a launching pad for many of today’s mainstream comedy stars.

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Ferrell went on to star in some of the highest-grossing comedy movies ever made, and McKay has since directed critically acclaimed films like 2o16’s “The Big Short.” So let’s celebrate Funny or Die’s birthday by re-watching the sketch that started it all. 

Norman is a tall stand-up comedian from the mean streets of London, England. He has performed at several prestigious venues in his brief career, including (but not limited to) The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, The Capitol City Comedy Club in Austin, and a Hooters in St. Louis. His festival ...Read more
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